Meghan Markle Dumps UK Trip With Harry, Heads For Nigeria Instead

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The British people have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Harry and Meghan from the US this May.


But their hopes were dashed recently when it was reported that the Royal couple had altered their intended destination this May.


Their new destination?




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Meghan Markle’s shocking Nigerian roots revealed as she ditches Prince Harry for UK trip



By Aditi Srivastava,


The Hindustan Times

Meghan Markle, with Nigerian ancestry, opts for Nigeria trip with Prince Harry over UK visit. The Duchess plans to ‘discover her roots in Nigeria.’

Meghan Markle has switched gears, reports suggest that she has abandoned her plans to visit the UK next month and instead is planning a trip to Nigeria with Prince Harry. There has been ongoing speculation about the Duchess’s potential visit to London in May for the Invictus Games. However, the latest reports claim that Meghan will be meeting the Prince in Nigeria, where she plans to “discover her roots.” This news has come as a surprise to royal followers.


The latest update indicates that the Sussexes have a planned trip to Nigeria next month to participate in discussions about the Invictus Games. During their visit, Harry and Meghan will engage in cultural activities and meet with service members and their families. This trip is coordinated with Prince Harry’s return to London to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games at St. Paul’s Cathedral. However, the planned trip to Nigeria will occur after Harry returns to the US from London, where hopes for potential reconciliation with the royal family are high.



What are Meghan Markle’s Nigerian ties?


Meghan Markle has Nigerian ancestry. In one episode of her podcast Archetypes, the Duchess revealed that she discovered she is 43% Nigerian based on a genealogy test she took in the past. The podcast featured a guest appearance by Nigerian-American actor Ziwe. At the time, the former “Suits” star mentioned that she took the test a couple of years ago and was unaware of this heritage until later, leading her to explore her Nigerian roots further.

According to GB News, the couple has been invited by the country’s Chief of Defence Staff. News presenter Bev Turner comments that although the couple has been invited for a different reason, Meghan wants to “discover her roots.”


The trip is also seen as Harry’s opportunity to make his mother, Princess Diana, proud and honour her legacy. The late princess visited Nigeria in 1990..”

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