Help! My Friend Is In Love With A Sex Doll

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I have this friend who is madly in love with a sex doll. He is seriouse and considering marriage at this point. Both of them are madly in love.


I tried to persuade him that it was a bad idea but my friend gave the following points for going on with the doll;


1.doll is a virgin

2. Zero body count.

3. Doll looks 25 and will never age.

3. Constant sex anytime without serenren.

4. No in-law wahala

5. She is never going to cheat on my friend.

6. My friend is free to have side cheeks whiteout his wife compaining.

7. Doll is very beautiful.

8. No arguments in the home.

9. Savings money on food at home after marriage.

10. No nagging in the relationship.

11. The doll at least will listen to him when he talks.


Now these are the points raised by my friend and I am inclined to partly agree with him.


Now he promised never to cheat on his doll wife after marriage.


What do you guys think, is my friend crazy?

Bommy Theo
Author: Bommy Theo

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