Pregnant Man In Kid’s TV And Dolls: Are They Now Coming After Our Kids?

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Pregnant Man In Kid’s TV And Dolls: Are They Now Coming After Our Kids?


When they said they were coming for our kids next during the last LGBTQ+ pride month parade, it appeared they weren’t playing at all, but had already put mechanisms in place to actualize their abominable agenda.


I was watching Nickelodeon a few years back with the kids of a close relative after I paid them a visit, and on a TV station and show that supposed to be meant for kids, i saw something that shocked me to bits.


It was a man whose tommy protruded like that of a pregnant woman lying down on something that looked like a hospital bed.


Although I didn’t know exactly what they were talking about, being ultra alert to the devices of the devil, I didn’t need to know but immediately sensed it was a strategy deviced to subtly implant homosexuality ideas into the minds of our children.


I knew the idea was that once they saw the pregnant man in the show, the next question would likely be how a man could get pregnant.


And how else could a man get pregnant but the same way a woman gets pregnant, by a man since a woman cannot get a man pregnant?


That’s how they intend to subtly implant such homosexual ideas into the innocent minds of the children, so from childhood their minds would gradually start wandering into the forbidden territory of homosexuality and by the time they were grown up, the abominable idea would have stuck and it would be hard for them to be disentangled from it.


Now they’ve even taken it a step further to make dolls of a pregnant man, called pregnant Ken.


  1. And guess what, it was made by the popular brand called Barbie that uses to make dolls for children, but are you surprised?


You shouldn’t be because they are very determined and using all the means and resources at their disposal to target our kids as they said.


That’s why we can’t afford to lose guard or be caught napping at this time because the wolves have come all out to get our kids, and they’re not even hiding their plans any longer.


Hence why we should endeavour to be fervently prayerful and watchful for our kids more than ever to prevent them falling prey to these predators.


God bless.

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