This Is What To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Disturbing You For Sex

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First of all, the modern boyfriend-girlfriend romantic relationship thing is not in God’s original Will, which explains why it is one of the major contributors to the high increase in heartaches and emotional headaches prevalent amongst many young people. As far as getting a partner is concerned, this is what to follow:


The Will of God is that when a man (not a boy) has attained a certain stature where marriage can be embraced, (after such a man has discovered his identity and purpose on earth), He (God) should be approached to provide a woman (not a girl) who will become his wife. After God has provided the woman, prior to marriage, the couple embarks on what we call courtship, where they learn to know more about themselves (in an attempt to make necessary adjustments before they tie the knot), and must not defile the marriage bed during the courting period (that is, must not indulge in premarital sex).


Now, let’s say you have been ignorant of this, and due to whatever reason (loneliness, peer pressure, etc) you now have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is insisting that you start having sex when not being married. Well, that is proof that you should discard such a person since it is obvious they are only after your body and their lustful immediate gratification, and they don’t really love you as you think.


It is important to not allow anyone to make you sin against God for whatever reason, irrespective of how hard they are trying to make you feel they love you (they don’t really love you if they are trying to make you rebel against God your Source).


God’s perfect Will as far as sexual pleasure is concerned is that all forms of sexual pleasure should only be shared between a married man and his female wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution, with no other party involved.


To avoid the emotional heartaches and headaches a lot of young people experience due to their romantic entanglements with a member of the opposite gender, the best path to take is to do things God’s way. When you are set for a relationship with a member of the opposite gender, make sure you are going into it with marriage in view, and both of you must agree not to do things meant for married couples alone – such as sex. If the person won’t agree with you, it shows they don’t really love you in the first place, and you don’t have a place in their longterm plans. They only planned to suck you dry before dumping you and moving to the next victim.


You are a child of God (whether you currently have a relationship with Him or not), not a mere sex tool. Before you were born God has demonstrated His love for you by coming in the Person of Jesus Christ to die for your sins (you were born into sin) and redeemed you to Himself. He wants an intimate relationship with you that is eternal in nature, and you will be empowered with the Holy Ghost to live above corruption for all of eternity.


Jesus loves you.

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